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Youth rams speeding bike into vehicle in Okhla

A youth rammed his speeding bike into a vehicle at Okhla Head just a few meters from Jamia Nagar Police Station today at about.

20160728_141859The two boys were on a bike and driving towards Abul Fazal Enclave when their bike hit a man who was trying to cross the road, said sources, adding that the boy lost control of the vehicle and rammed into another vehicle which was coming from the opposite side.

It is understood that at the time of accident the road was not busy and the bikers were lucky to get away with minor injuries. Later on the boys were seen arguing with the man with whom their bike had hit initially. The boys were returning from buying delicacies from a local hotel as the polythene in which they were carry were torn apart with the food thrown on the road. Several residents rushed to save the boys. Some even reprimanded them for driving rashly.

Of late several accidents have been reported from the locality, lamented residents. A few weeks ago a rogue biker had hit a woman in Abul Fazal Enclave who died while being rushed to a nearby hospital. Recently, a biker hit a university girl in Jamia Nagar while she was crossing the road. The impact of the accident was such that the girl sustained hairline fracture and for weeks she was bedridden. Residents said such incidents are rising only due to rash driving. Moreover, many youths and minors have been seen driving rashly in the locality with dense population.

Also, residents complained that youths have been found flouting traffic norms by indulging in noise pollution by making modification in their bikes. Many youths have been found altering silencer of their bikes to generate high decibel noise (silencer blast), disturbing peaceful atmosphere.

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