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How daytime work choked Zakir Nagar

A daytime work initiative by a government agency choked Zakir Nagar today, reports resident Noushu Ali.

20160607_131436During my visit to the locality at about 1 pm I with other residents faced unusual hardship with the traffic moving at snail’s pace and residents stuck in traffic jam in Ramzan in sweltering heat.

The traffic jam started from the main Zakir Nagar mosque to the corner of the locality where work was going on. Residents were heard complaining that the work should be done at lean hour to avoid traffic jam and hardship to residents. On being asked it was known that the nallah was being cleaned and hence the traffic jam.

This is not one of incident in the locality. Since the metro work has begun traffic has been thrown out of gear in the locality, particularly near Batla House with residents getting stuck one daily basis for hours.

Moreover, the narrow lane and then encroachment by fruit vendors also make life difficult for daily commuters. At times the situation is such that even walking on the lane is difficult.

Many residents fear to tread the locality with cabs and autos refusing to visit knowing well that would be stuck for hours. 

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