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Monsoon showers spell misery for many in Jamia

Rain brings relief from blistering heat but at the same time in many parts of the country it brings misery like waterlogging. And as it rained today in Delhi, there was waterlogging reported on the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia also.

A student said waterlogging is a reality on the campus whenever it rains for long. Sharing a photo with the portal, a student said something needs to be done to address the situation as waterlogging stays for some time.

The students said to address the waterlogging issue the administration built ramps at some places but they are not enough as more need to be built so that the campus is free of waterlogging and students and staff don’t face any hardship.

Another source said waterlogging takes place at gate number 7 also.

A few metres from Jamia in Batla House the situation gets worse with roads flooded hitting normal life. “Rain in this part of the city only brings in misery. Residents know that after rain for hours the area would be flooded due to faulty sewer. Work is going on to address the issue as nallah is being built on roadside at Okhla Head. But it looks that it might take time to get things addressed.

Moreover, rain that leads to waterlogging slows down traffic in the locality due to several potholes that exist even today. Traffic goes out of gear,” said a resident.

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