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Do you know who installed this water cooler here?

Nobody knows who installed this water cooler here? In the age of social media, there is no dearth of people in Okhla who try to be talked about or being praised by flashing photos of even small good things they do. Such people are bracketed as attention seekers.

cooler installed in okhlaDespite this fact, there are many who do things silently and don’t want to be identified. The case in point is a water cooler installed at Okhla Head near the small bridge that links Abul Fazal and Okhla.

On being asked by shopkeepers who put this cooler here, a resident said: “We don’t know. One day somebody from Johri Farm or Ghaffar Manzil came here and installed this cooler for the thirsty and left without saying a word.”

Surprisingly not event the name of the contributor is put on the cooler.

Since then many residents and passersby are seen using the system to quench their thirst. A shopkeeper said the man who put this expensive water cooler has set an example for other attention seekers who always try to advertise small thing in a big way to show their magnanimity.

It is understood that since then rest of the work of filling water in the tank put on the top of a wall close by the cooler is taken care by shopkeepers.

With temperature rising, there are many places in Okhla where some residents have put small water coolers for thirsty without advertising or sharing photos on the social media and they are the real heroes.

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