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INCREDIBLE! This US youth lives 555 days without a heart

INCREDIBLE! This US youth lives 555 days without a heart. This story of 25-year-old man in the US will certainly make you sit and think about the medical revolution taking place in science.

this us youth lives for days with artificial heartJust think how Stan Larkin lived for 555 days without a heart before receiving a transplant.

Hold your breath for these 555 days Larkin was carrying his 13.5-pound artificial heart, SynCardia Freedom Total Artificial Heart, in the book bag and not only moved around the city but even played basketball. All these days he had a normal life since the real transplant took place last month. According to Tech Times, Larkin has finally recovered. His story has been all around online and print in the US.

This is what Larkin, a father of three, told the Ann Arbor News: “My heart kept getting weaker and weaker. I was waiting on a heart transplant, but doctors said I wouldn’t make it to transplant.”

Larkin’s story goes back to days when as 16-year-old energetic boy he was playing basketball and suddenly collapsed near his home Ypsilanti, Mich. He was rushed to a doctor who told him that he was suffering from arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, also known as ARVD. Fearing that as the disease usually leads to risk of sudden cardiac arrest in athletes doctors installed defibrillator in Larkin’s chest.

INCREDIBLE indeed! This US youth lives 555 days without a heart.

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