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Urdu gets a short shrift in its bastion and nobody is bothered in Okhla

Some Muslims always accuse the government of being biased towards Urdu. However, when it comes to its locality and themselves, there is little murmur or effort made to work to revive the dying Urdu language.

The case in point is roadside address hoardings that have surfaced in the locality for the last few months. Shockingly, some avid Urdu readers pointed out that Urdu is missing with address being mentioned in Hindi and English.

“We are not against Hindi and English, but what has taken people aback is that Urdu is missing. And worst of all nobody has raised this issue in Okhla, an area that has almost all religious organizations headquarters located. Many of these religious organizations from time to time raise issues taking place in far countries but least bothered about what is happening in their area as local issues don’t give them eyeballs,” said Waris Mazhari.

The neglect of Urdu in Okhla only highlights the fact that the language is only used for political gains.

Besides, most of the hoardings and leaflets circulated in the locality during election time and even in usual days are not in Urdu, according to language watchers, who added that it is time that if we are really serious about reviving Urdu then we should begin to make efforts in society and stop blaming others for its downfall.

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