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Unusual sight at Batla House; credit goes to cops

Several residents in Okhla praised local cops for making the area clean by launching an operation in the locality on Saturday. It was in the evening when several cops landed in the locality to get the area cleaned by removing encroachment, according to a resident.

He told OKHLATIMES.COM that the move is much appreciated by residents who due to bottleneck because of bikers and roadside encroachment had been facing hardship during emergency. It is understood that the whole Batla House gave a deserted look, something really unusual in this locality where some shopkeepers, eateries and vehicle owners have made it norm to occupy roadside. At times many resident park their four wheelers and bikes on road to do window shopping or relish dishes in local eateries, claimed a resident.

“On Saturday when I landed in Batla House I got surprised as if something has happened. As the locality appeared very clean with encroachment dismantled. But the question is: how long it will last. It has been seen over years that encroachment is dismantled to bounce back after days. Let’s see how things shape up this time around. All told kodus to the policemen who managed showed on their own,” said a resident Noushu Ali.

Zubair Irshad wrote this on the social media: “…Our people in the locality go to any extent to justify the encroachment. People die while they are in dire need of medical emergency due to encroachment/traffic. People miss their flight important meeting and interviews due to congestion/bottle neck created by the encroachment.”

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