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Students postpone sit-in indefinite hunger strike, say struggle for restoration of union poll to continue

A day after Jamia Millia Islamia made its official stand public on holding of union elections on the campus which was suspended in 2006, some Jamia students and activists called a meeting of students to discuss ways how to take ahead their protest peacefully.

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The Joint Action Committee that only came into existence a few days ago with several students’ bodies joining hands issued a statement after the event was over and said: “The protest for the restoration of students union went for around two hours today but as the autocratic administration of Jamia did not grant us permission of the cited location for the sit-in hunger strike, so the decision to sit on indefinite hunger strike has been postponed…

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“But our movement for the restoration of students union shall continue.

“Joint action committee members for the restoration of students union will go back to students through class to class campaign and will build a massive movement for the same in the coming days.

Meanwhile, public talks at different locations will be organised for the same.”

It was on October 10 that Jamia issued a statement over its stand on union election as students given deadline ended on Tuesday. Following the developing, several activists and groups had called a meeting on the campus that too had gone for hours where strategies were discussed how to take ahead the peaceful protest for restoration of democracy on the campus.

It is important to point out that students raised their voices for restoration of democracy of campus after students’ union elections were held in Delhi’s two Central universities, including JNU and DU very recently.

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