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Tuberculosis: A few signs of TB you should know

Tuberculosis, which is commonly called TB is an infectious disease caused by bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can inject any person regardless of whatever age or social group one belongs to, reports Shubham Pandey.

It is an air-borne disease involving any organ particularly lungs, which spreads from its sufferer, a single patient can infect more than 10 healthy persons in a year.

Tuberculosis can rightly be termed as one of the disasters prevailing in society and it is also a leading cause of increased mortalityfigures. In an alarming rate, this disease has now theone-third of total cases recorded globally andgulps upto 3 lakh patients annually in our nation.

But on the other side, TB is preventable and completely curable. Even after its terrible statistics, it is said so due to the fact that if correct and complete treatment is taken at right course of time, then this disease is not only successfully treatable but also eliminative. For this, one needs to identify its symptoms which are easily notable underlying several metabolic changes. Its common symptoms are:

1. Cough for more than 2 weeks not relieved by routine treatment.

2. Coughing out blood in sputum.

3. Low fever specially at night.

4. Loss of appetite.

5. Weight loss.

6. General weakness.

7. Disinclination for work.

If anyone feels any such onset of symptoms must immediately rush to the nearest DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short course) Centre where free diagnostic and treatment facilities are easily available for all.

These centres are located in every district of the country and are also situated in areas near to Okhla like Batla House, Sarai Jullena, Kalkaji and Badarpur.

Amid several prevalent superstitions like ‘a dreaded disease,’‘a curse of God’ or ‘incurable,’Tuberculosisis completely curable provided treatment is taken regularly without skipping prescribed medicines for 6 to 8 months in accordance with the medical experts and DOTS treatment.

It is not a hereditary disease and if a new-born is immunised with BCG vaccine within one month of birth, T.B. is preventable. Once doctor declares the patient cured and if there is no danger of spreading infection, later that person can also resume routine work. However, during these stressful days, the patients should also be backed by their families with complete support, constant encouragement, sympathy and without any social stigma.

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