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This photo shows how traffic jam is created in Okhla

This photo shows how traffic jam is created. Traffic jam has now become a regular thing in the locality. Be it rush hour or lean hour residents have been battling traffic jam, spending long hours on roads in Okhla.

traffic jam in okhlaMany a time it has been found that callous residents are responsible for traffic jam.

OKHLATIMES captured such moment on Tuesday when at Okhla Head a gramin seva driver parked his vehicle on the roadside and started changing its tyre, leading to a traffic snarl. Residents and commuters were deeply upset and were left to sweat in blistering heat.

“Rather than parking his vehicle on the side of the road, the driver didn’t care and parked his vehicle at Okhla Head, a few meters from the Government school. He was changing his tryre. A bus got stuck and this led to traffic snarl. It took minutes to convince the driver to park his vehicle on the side so that the bus could move and traffic cleared. Initially he was adamant and started arguing that it was not his fault. After arrival of many residents he agreed to park the vehicle on roadside and thus the traffic was cleared,” said an eyewitness.

This is not the only incident in the locality. It is common to see many youth parking their vehicle on the road and then purchasing foods or fruits or medicines. Many a time residents have noticed how people park their four wheelers in the middle of the road to relish food or walk to the shop to buy items least bothered that their callous attitude will only add to commuters’ woes.

A resident said in hurry to reach early, many residents don’t care about wrong or right side and they break traffic laws with impunity.

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