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Prof’s toddler falls to death from fourth floor in Okhla

A 19-month-old boy was killed when he fell from a fourth-floor apartment balcony in Okhla Vihar on Friday, residents said, writes Wasiul Hasan Rizvi.

Residents said the boy tumbled from a balcony of a building. The boy was rushed to a local hospital and admitted in the CCU but could not survive. The development has left residents and parents in shock. The family has left to their native place in Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh to complete the last rites of their only son.

“Abdul Qadeer, who teaches at Mechanical Engineering Department in a private Faridabad-based college, as usual had returned from his work on that fateful day. After coming from the office he started playing with his son. After a few minutes, he went to freshen himself. And it was during this time that the baby went on the balcony. As Qadeer was looking for his son he heard some noise. He came down to know that his son has fallen from his fourth floor flat balcony. He and neighbours rushed the boy to the hospital, but it was too late,” said residents.

This is not the first incident of boy falling from balcony and being killed, reported OKHLATIMES.

A few days ago a baby had fallen from a balcony in Shaheen Bagh. The baby was rushed to a local hospital where doctors had declared her brought dead. Besides, a few days ago a toddler got his head stuck in the metal balcony. The family was lucky as after a few minutes struggle they were able to extricate their child.

Many local residents strongly feel that parents and family members should pay special attention to their balconies and make sure that it is well covered so that such instances are not repeated. This latest development has left residents in a shock.

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  1. Inna lilahe wa inna ilahe rajeoon, All the owners of flats on high buildings should get erected iron grill so that these incidents dont happen.its really grave tragedy fr the family.

  2. So sad, need to prevent or permanent solutions.

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