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There is nobody in community to reply to Tavleen’s column, laments Muslim intellectual

It was an event at Lodhi Road to facilitate 17 ZFI Fellows who had cracked the prestigious civil services examination. The hall was packed on Sunday and speakers talked about how to increase the community’s share in bureaucracy.

Among the gathered intellectuals, one reminded of the importance of journalism also. A retired civil servant, he said the community is investing heavily in churning out civil servants but very little is done for other important professions, including journalism.

Then he asked the audience how many have read the Fifth column of Tavleen Singh in Indian Express published on July 10. Our two scholars Mushirul Hassan and Imtiaz Ahmed are ailing and not in a position to reply to Tavleen’s write-up as there is attack from the media, he lamented.

When the response from the audience was tepid, the retired civil servant urged the audience to read the column. It is not known that how many after feasting on delicacies went home to search for the write-up and mull over it, but the fact is that Muslims indifference towards the media is well established.

It is sad story that even after years of Independence Muslims have failed to establish any credible and popular newspapers, portals or news channels.

In the column headlined Horror in Ramzan, Tavleen wrote: “The ideology of Islamism is directly responsible for creating these monsters who become bereft even of basic humanity. So is there a solution? Possibly. But, it will only come if we first accept the ugly reality that jihadist violence is linked to Islam. This is something that jihadist killers acknowledge every time they use verses from the Quran to justify their deeds. In the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Muslims were spared except two. Faraaz Hossain died because he refused to abandon his non-Muslim friends and Ishtar Akhond because she refused to save her life by reciting Quranic verses. They showed extraordinary courage, and it is only when many, many more Muslims show this kind of courage that the jihadists will be defeated. This new fight between good and evil is going to be long and bloody. It can only be won when more and more moderate Muslims accept that Islamism is evil but that it is born of Islam.”

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