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एमसीडी चुनाव: अपना वोट ख़राब न करें ओखला निवासियों

इलेक्शन के ज़माने में यह बहस आम हो जाती है कि अपना वोट बर्बाद होने से बचाएं और ऐसे उम्मीदवार को वोट दें जो जीतने की पोजीशन में हो। और हम भी अपने आप को एक ज़िम्मेदार नागरिक होने का सुबूत देते हुए जीतने वाली पार्टी के उम्मीदवार को आँख …

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एमसीडी चुनाव: ओखला में एक अनार 60 बीमार

सुना है एमसीडी चुनाव में ओखला के वार्ड 102 में तक़रीबन 60 सयासी एक्टीविस्ट क़िस्मत आज़माने वाले हैं। क्या इसे ओखला में सयासी बेदारी की लहर तस्लीम की जाए या सयासी इंतेशार की? अब्दुल रशीद अगवान की कलम से। यूपी में इसी सयासी इंतेशार ने हालात को मौजूदा रुख दिया …

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MCD polls 2017: What it means for Okhla residents

The date of civic polls in Delhi has been announced and it is on April 22, writes Ashraf Razi. And Okhla has gone hyper active with posters and hoardings surfacing everywhere with candidates making tall claims of developing the locality if voted to power in the polls. In such a …

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Bad roads in Okhla ‘breaking’ residents’ backs

Travelling in Okhla is an arduous task, particularly for those who use public transport like gramin seva, e-rickshaw, auto and simple rickshaw. Many residents said they are fed up with “back” breaking experience. Though there is no data of how many residents have suffered from bad back due to travelling …

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Residents throng Girri Chaupal with complaints

East Delhi MP and National Secretary of BJP, Maheish Girri organised ‘Girri Chaupal’ in Preet Vihar red light, Vikas Marg. Hundreds of local residents, office bearers of RWAs and other organisations and representatives brought complaints of their area to the MP for redressal. The local MLA O P Sharma also …

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OT IMPACT: Know who the real hero is

It was a few days ago on February 17 when OT carried a report about the felled divider in Abul Fazal Enclave after a road accident, leading to inconvenience to commuters. A few days after filing the report, OT reporter visited the spot to see the status quo. Finding the …

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