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Power struggle for Shaheen Bagh residents as mercury soars

Power struggle for Shaheen Bagh residents as mercury soars. Residents in Shaheen Bagh are lamenting that they are faced with power cuts. “No power in C Block Shaheen Bagh for last two hours. Every day 8-10 hours power cut. Is this new formula discovered for reducing the electricity bill?,” wrote …

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Trim the cost of a haircut! Try JD

JD Salon Okhla branch has unveiled several offers for residents at a moderate price. Opened a few months ago, the One Stop Unisex Beauty Salon (first time in Jamia Nagar (Okhla) the Original JD), it provides customised hair cutting and styling services for men and women. Full or part body …

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Hectic MCD poll campaigning takes its toll on this volunteer

As the poll campaigning for the MCD elections 2017 came to end with elections being held on Sunday, now it’s time for party leaders and volunteers to take rest. With the guns falling silent, many are back in their camps. Some leaders are issuing releases thanking voters and volunteers to …

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एमसीडी चुनाव: अपना वोट ख़राब न करें ओखला निवासियों

इलेक्शन के ज़माने में यह बहस आम हो जाती है कि अपना वोट बर्बाद होने से बचाएं और ऐसे उम्मीदवार को वोट दें जो जीतने की पोजीशन में हो। और हम भी अपने आप को एक ज़िम्मेदार नागरिक होने का सुबूत देते हुए जीतने वाली पार्टी के उम्मीदवार को आँख …

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एमसीडी चुनाव: ओखला में एक अनार 60 बीमार

सुना है एमसीडी चुनाव में ओखला के वार्ड 102 में तक़रीबन 60 सयासी एक्टीविस्ट क़िस्मत आज़माने वाले हैं। क्या इसे ओखला में सयासी बेदारी की लहर तस्लीम की जाए या सयासी इंतेशार की? अब्दुल रशीद अगवान की कलम से। यूपी में इसी सयासी इंतेशार ने हालात को मौजूदा रुख दिया …

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MCD polls 2017: What it means for Okhla residents

The date of civic polls in Delhi has been announced and it is on April 22, writes Ashraf Razi. And Okhla has gone hyper active with posters and hoardings surfacing everywhere with candidates making tall claims of developing the locality if voted to power in the polls. In such a …

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