Thursday , February 22 2018
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अब्दुल शकूर: सखावत का शहंशाह

A post by Sarfaraz Nazeer on his social media timeline is soliciting comments and has literally gone viral. Here is what he wrote while sharing the photo: “तस्वीर में आप जिस शख्स को देख रहे हैं ये कोई फकीर नहीं बल्कि सखावत का शहंशाह हैं जी हां इस शख्स का …

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Warm winter for the deprived

Continuing its winter relief practice, IMRC provides blankets and warm clothes to 1164 families in eight states Fifty-five-year-old Khairun Nisa, a widow from village Koibar in Gaya district of Bihar lives with her son in a mud house without any windows. During winters, the space for windows is covered by …

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