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Peace lovers: Live and let live all

The below is one of poems BY Renu Mittal. We are peace lovers never try to change the system existing it is much cool, calm and verily comforting. Break rules traffic open doors of learning gain any job kosher show coins jingling all earned easily. Isn’t it all good we …

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No place to hop and no sky to fly for sparrows in Okhla

Sparrows in Okhla find No place to hop and no sky to fly, writes Husain Haider Rizvi They dread to tread such filthy terrain Where life feeds on deprivation and pain The potholes on the roads ready To gulp you down, the sky scrappers dwarf your flight, Don’t ever come …

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What is Ramzan? A poem by Husain Rizvi

Ramzan is the spring of spiritual piety In which good deeds blossom and grow, writes Husain Haider Rizvi Embellish our thoughts with love of Allah, Hunger doesn’t deter any more Thirst has no meaning or identity, A tranquility permeates through the soul Mind and heart are in harmony, Abstaining from …

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A poem on rain after heat by Rizvi

A poem on rain after heat by Husain Haider Rizvi A soothing shower of rain After tormenting wave of heat Gives the parched lips of Okhla A faint moistening smile of relief, A sigh of solace and tranquility. The motley clouds of dust Settled down: giving way to breeze Blowing …

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A poem on life of Okhla By Rizvi

By Husain Haider Rizvi Okhla, a strange place with life queer and bizarre Yearning for a whiff of fresh air No breathing space, no shelter of green peace. The sky scrappers shuts out the sky, wintry soft sunshine. Green parks and lush Meadows a dream far fetched. The milling crowd …

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