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Burglary at lawyer’s flat in Ghaffar Manzil

In a complaint to the authorities, Ahmad Gulrez wrote: “Complaint regarding theft at my flat. Respected Sir, I wish to state that I Ahmad Gulrez resident of Ghaffar Manzil am an advocate by profession. Today on date April 20 I had locked by fourth floor flat at about 2:30 pm …

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Road rage incident occurs in Batla House

Fighting broke out in Batla House during Isha azaan today, according to eyewitness over a minor issue with a pedestrian thrashing a biker as two of them lost temper. It all started with a pedestrian hitting the biker for pestering him, said the source, adding that many residents who rushed …

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Jamia Teachers’ Association ‘silence’ over Ramjas violence questioned

Jamia Teachers’ Association ‘silence over ABVP’s violence in Ramjas’ questioned. In a message, Professor R Gopinath, Department of History and Culture and Advisor to Centres of Higher Learning, Jamia Millia Islamia, wrote: “The murderous attack on teachers and students in Delhi University’s Ramjas College by the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad …

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नज़रबंद ओखला नेता आज़ाद हो गये, जगह जगह मुबारक बाद के पोस्टरों नज़र आ रहे है

दिल्ली मे नगर निगम चुनाव नज़दीक आते ही नज़रबंद नेता आज़ाद हो गये, जगह जगह मुबारक बाद के पोस्टरों नज़र आ रहे है, writes M Atharuddin Munne Bharti . एक अहम इलाक़ा ओखला जिसको सरकारी मशीनरी ने तरक़्क़ी आैर ग़लत कामों पर कार्यवाही के नाम पर नज़र अदाज कर रखा …

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20-year-old Okhla woman killed in road accident

Another road accident in Okhla and another death reported. According to dailies, the accident took place days ago in New Friends’ Colony. The 20-year-old woman and her friend were riding a motorbike when the vehicle hit a road divider, critically injuring the two riders, police said. The injured people, resident …

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Shaheen Bagh residents face morning blues

Residents in Delhi, including Okhla, woke up to cold weather. However, many in Shaheen Bagh had to face morning blues other than cold. Early morning words spread in the locality that a few shops in Shaheen Bagh were burgled, writes Maqsood Alam, a Congress member. Residents were shocked to see …

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जामिया नगर का यह हादसा आपके रोंगटे खड़े कर देगा

आज शाहीन बाग़ का हादसा आपको सोचने पर मजबूर करदेगा के ओखला में औरतें सुरक्छित नहीं हैं. एक लड़की की इज़्ज़त पर हाथ डालने के कोशिश की रोड पर और जब लड़की ने रोकने की कोशिश के और १०० नंबर पर फ़ोन करा तो उसको ही नहीं मारा लड़की के …

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