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कैसा होना चाहिए हमारा काउंसलर उम्मीदवार?

चुनाव का दौर चल रहा है और कुछ कौंसलर उम्मीदवार जिनको कभी इलाके में देखा न गया हो उन लोगों से बचकर रहना है उनके झांसे में आकर किसी लालच या पैसे को दिखाकर गुमराह करने वाले वोट लेने के लिए इलाके में हार्डिंग और पोस्टर खूब चिपका रहे हैं …

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Educated Sarwar takes political plunge to test Okhla’s waters

Okhla is a Muslim dominated locality inhabited by intellectuals, journalists, doctors, engineers, finance professionals and university professors. However, when it comes to politics the area is represented by school dropouts. But things appear to change in this MCD polls and case in point is local leader Sarwar Iqbal Khan, who …

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What is so special about this girl?

Four-year-old Maryam is a wonder kid, according to her father, a resident of Okhla. Ahmad Rana told OT.COM that just to know about her talent principal of a Delhi school Dr. Sara George met her. “In the meeting, the principal asked many questions from Maryam and she answered them quickly …

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Halal milk makes debut in Okhla

You must have heard about halal meat and food but not about milk and vegetable. If that is the case then worry not as halal milk has made its debut in Jamia Nagar. A resident of Okhla Head bought this packet from a nearby shop. It is not know how …

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Dust control measures flouted with impunity in Okhla turning air toxic

Dust control measures flouted with impunity in Okhla turning air toxic. Though the City Government is taking strict action against dust control to clean air in Okhla the situation is yet to improve with the measures being flouted with impunity. Environment Minister Imran Hussain on Tuesday held a meeting with …

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Shambolic state of Okhla; nobody concerned

Jamia Nagar is in bad shape with roads broken and waterlogging in many parts of the locality is a normal thing even during winter when there is no rainwater. “It is a pathetic state of affair in the locality. Just walk through Jamia Nagar from Okhla Head to Batla House …

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सड़क बनाने का काम शुरू क्या गया

This is what Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan wrote on his timeline and also shared this information with OKHLATIMES.COM: “आज कंचन कुंज, मक्की मस्जिद और मदन पुर खादर एक्सटेंशन मैं 15 करोड़ की लागत से DSIDC के ज़रिये सारी कॉलोनी में सड़क बनाने का काम शुरू क्या गया। “और मदन पुर …

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