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The miswak: Europe’s latest discovery (video)

Ramzan is coming and you will find miswak being sold everywhere. Moreover, its use too will increase during the month of fast. From place to place one can find people selling miswak as it is regarded as a practice which Muhammad (PBUH) adopted. A traditional and natural alternative to the …

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Hijab-wearing girls flock gyms in Okhla

Fadia Khanam wears hijab but she is a regular at gym in Jamia Nagar. She is not the only one. Like her there are many who daily flock to local gyms that of late have mushroomed in the locality. An elderly, who has rented part of his building to a …

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The fate of new graveyard in Abul Fazal Enclave hangs in balance?

When posters surfaced in Okhla a few weeks ago about the Akhilesh Government giving land in Okhla for a graveyard in Abul Fazal Enclave there was jubilation and residents welcomed the move. However, there are fears that the change of guard might change this. The buzz among skeptics in the …

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कवाब, कोरमा और बिरयानी में उलझा मुसलमान

डॉ अबरार मुल्तानी: अरे मुसलमानों सीएम योगी का जो यह बूचड़खाने बंद करवाने का फैसला है, वह तुम्हारे हक़ में है। क्यों यह दूसरी पार्टी के बहकावे में आकर विरोध कर रहे हो। 500 रूपए किलो का सालन डकार कर जो तुम पसर जाते थे उस पैसे से अब अपने …

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Muslim family prints wedding cards with Hindu religious symbols

A Muslim family is in the news for printing wedding cards with Hindu religious symbols, carrying verses like ‘Shri Ganeshaya Naham’. Also, image of a kalash with a swastika adorn the card. According to a national daily, one Nasrullah of Pindari village in Ballia has sent the invite to his …

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Muslims join BJP in OKhla

As Delhi is getting ready for the MCD elections to be held on April 23 many political aspirants are moving one party to other in Okhla for better political prospect. Reports have surfaced that many Muslims have joined BJP on Friday. Some former AAP and JD(U) members, according to reports, …

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