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The fate of new graveyard in Abul Fazal Enclave hangs in balance?

When posters surfaced in Okhla a few weeks ago about the Akhilesh Government giving land in Okhla for a graveyard in Abul Fazal Enclave there was jubilation and residents welcomed the move. However, there are fears that the change of guard might change this. The buzz among skeptics in the …

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What does Okhla need: land for graveyard or Central school or hospital?

Since posters in Abul Fazal Enclave surfaced about the Uttar Pradesh Government handing over land for a new graveyard in the locality, residents have been talking about it with some terming it political stunt and many appreciating the move. In this background, another question that several residents are asking: What …

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Are the papers for new graveyard in OKhla being finalised?

Since the posters in Okhla surfaced about the UP-led Akhilesh Government handing over land for graveyard to the residents ahead of elections in the State and Delhi local polls, the debate in the locality has been: where are the papers? The debate was laid to rest this morning when one …

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Burial woes addressed after years of neglect

There are only two graveyards in Jamia Nagar and with one non-functional for years, residents were deeply worried about shrinking space with population exploding in the locality over the years. However, it appears that the issue has been addressed with the non-functional graveyard now operating on a small scale, said …

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The real story behind this poster

Has graveyard woes of Okhlaiites addressed? This and other questions are being talked about in the locality since posters surfaced in the locality in which a leader is making claim that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has agreed to give land for graveyard. The poster carries photos of Yadav …

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Creaking outer Batla House graveyard awaits infrastructure push

Creaking outer Batla House graveyard awaits infrastructure push. Crores are being spent on improving infrastructure of Batla House graveyard, but the situation outside it is bad. Residents said just outside the graveyard the road is broken and urine and other human waste over flows on the road from the wall …

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Cops come to Batla House graveyard on mission

Police force today reached Batla House graveyard, according to youth leader Ameeque Jamei, who with Haris Ul Haque has been at the fore front of a campaign to get boundary walls across the graveyard. He wrote on his timeline: “अर्जेंट: दिल्ली पुलिस कमिश्नर और एलजी नजीब जंग साहेब ने जामिया …

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Obituary of Batla House gravedigger Allah Hu aka Bindu Shah

Who is Allah Hu? Where did he come from to Batla House? These and other questions are being asked by people in the locality since the report surfaced on Monday about his death. On Tuesday OKHLATIMES visited the graveyard and met with residents and Allah Hu’s family members to get …

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