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Subuhi writes on providing gainful employment opportunities

Providing gainful employment opportunities is essential for enabling people to improve their standard of living, writes Subuhi Karim. For a country like India, which has surplus labour and a strong affinity for new technologies, employment generation in the 21st century poses a new challenge. More recently, the sluggish growth of …

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Okhla resident launches #IamNDTV campaign

On November 9, when NDTV goes black, according to Okhla resident. Asad Zaidi wrote this on his timeline: “Let us change our profiles to the following in solidarity. Use #IamNDTV in the caption along with this entire message so that the message continues. “We have two options. Either to be …

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बाबरपूर में मोहल्ला क्लिनिक की आधारशिला रखी

गोपाल राय, विधायक, बाबरपुर ने आज वार्ड न. 258 में मोहल्ला क्लिनिक की आधारशीला रखी! यह मोहल्ला क्लिनिक कर्दमपुरी बस स्टैंड के निकट बनाया जायेगा! इस अवसर पर बोलते हुए श्री गोपाल राय ने बताया कि इन मोहल्ला क्लिनिक को शहर के स्वस्थ क्षेत्र की सेहत सुधारने की दिशा में …

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Two die of dengue in Johri Farm: Residents

Two Okhla residents have died of dengue, according to residents. They were laid to rest in Batla House graveyard a few minutes ago, said Manne Khan. “Mohd Hafeez, 45, and Hashim Ali, 15, used to reside in jhuggi nearby Johri Farm and hospitalized two days ago in Holy Family hospital. …

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Water ATMs coming soon, Noida gives nod

Water ATMs coming soon, Noida gives nod: Noida has decided to put up innovative mobile water dispensing machines to be used by residents and thirsty passersby. Reports claimed that the Noida Authority is soon going to install water ATMs across the city just like bank ATMs. However, the water will …

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Govt ignores Okhla; No new school in 25 years

It was in 1990 when a government school was opened in Batla House and since then the population of Jamia Nagar has increased manifold. Ironically, no government run school has been opened since then only highlighting governments’ apathy. “It is really shocking to know that the area has continued to …

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