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Eid Mubarak! Eid Al-Fitr tomorrow; Shawwal moon sighted

Eid Mubarak! Friends and family members have started to wish their known one with this message in Okhla and across the country after Shawwal moon sighted in several parts of the country. Following which Eid will be celebrated across the country tomorrow a day after it was celebrated in Middle …

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Politika 2K17: Festival is just a few days away

Politika 2K17: Registration for all events started Jamia Millia Islamia’s Department of Political Science is going to organise annual fest on April 10, 11. About 60 co-ordinators and volunteers are engaged to make this events a grand success. Registration process of various events already started, said chief co-ordinator Ibrahim Saud. …

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Holi celebrated in OKhla with zeal; Happy Holi!

Like other parts of the country, residents in Okhla too celebrated Holi this year. The preparations for the festival began a few days ago when at Okhla Head several shops starting selling items related to Holi. Besides, some residents played Holi by smearing each other faces with colours. Also, residents …

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Delhi Walk Festival with Mirza Ghalib’s Shahjahanabad concludes

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Sunday morning formally concluded the Delhi Walk Festival by making a trip to Mirza Ghalib’s Shahjahanabad in Old Delhi. Titled ‘Mirza Ghalib’s Shahjahanabad: Purani Dilli as the poet’s muse’ this trip was conducted by the Delhi Government in collaboration with Delhi By Foot and …

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Increased during Shab-e Barat, chicken price goes up further

Increased during Shab-e Barat, chicken price goes up further. The prices of chicken in Okhla have gone up unexpectedly since Shab-e-Barat when shopkeepers in the locality started selling it for Rs 190. When confronted, shopkeepers said the prices would be stable after the festival is over and as the prices …

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Festive Okhla bikers go berserk on Mathura Road (video)

Festive Okhla bikers go berserk on Mathura Road (video). Despite tight security and alert residents, some youths were able to create ruckus on the Sarita Vihar-Mathura Road on Sunday, according to an eyewitness. Some two bikers were found doing stunt and doing rounds on the road leading to traffic snarl …

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Hard times for some Okhla residents, police

Hard times for some Okhla residents, police. The night of Shaba-e-brat was a tough day for some residents and police in the locality as they had hit the roads to make sure to stop wayward youths from bike stunts. Police had barricaded the area well in advance knowing well that …

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