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Unusual sight at Batla House; credit goes to cops

Several residents in Okhla praised local cops for making the area clean by launching an operation in the locality on Saturday. It was in the evening when several cops landed in the locality to get the area cleaned by removing encroachment, according to a resident. He told OKHLATIMES.COM that the …

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Attempt made to occupy Jamia land; know what happens

Attempt to illegally occupy vacant land of Jamia Millia Islamia has been foiled, said sources. It is understood that some people made failed attempt to turn a Jamia land nearby campus into a marriage hall was foiled, said sources, adding that timely intervention into the matter saved the land. As …

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अमीक का गदायीपूर ईदगाह का दौरा, काब्ज़ीन मे खलबली!

दिल्ली मे छतरपुर विधानसभा हल्के मे वक्फ की बाजयाबी की तहरीक तूल पकड़ रही है जिसमे मुसलमानो के साथ स्थानीय हिन्दू भाई भी कबजीन के खिलाफ खुल कर साथ दे रहे है, स्थानीय थाना फ़तहपुर बेरी के गदायीपुर ओशोड्राइव फोरम हाउस मे ईदगाह मे अरबपति काबजीन मे खलबली मच गई …

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