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Power struggle for Shaheen Bagh residents as mercury soars

Power struggle for Shaheen Bagh residents as mercury soars. Residents in Shaheen Bagh are lamenting that they are faced with power cuts. “No power in C Block Shaheen Bagh for last two hours. Every day 8-10 hours power cut. Is this new formula discovered for reducing the electricity bill?,” wrote …

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‘Powerless’ in Okhla for one more day

Residents in this part of Okhla are facing hardship for one more day with no power supply in the locality since morning on Tuesday. Residents lamented that for the last three days power supply is being disrupted due to work being done nearby. It is understood that a new transformer …

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This part of Okhla is in the dark since morning

In this part of Okhla there is no electricity since morning, according to residents. It is understood that G block of Abul Fazal Enclave has been plunged into dark for hours. A resident said as a new transformer is being placed and hence the blackout with the power to be …

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Okhla goes powerless a few days after Eid

Okhla goes powerless a few days after Eid. The power situation has deteriorated in Okhla’s Abul Fazal Enclave with residents complaining of regular power cuts. Many residents lamented that after Ramzan the power situation in the locality has deteriorated once again in the background of several transformers being installed in …

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Outages torment Okhla residents

Outages torment Shaheen Bagh residents. Residents of Oklha are finding it hard to have a decent life this summer. What has made their life difficult is not only scorching heat but unscheduled power cut in the locality. “The power situation is really bad. Yesterday only there was no power in …

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Outages in Okhla add to residents’ summer woes

The residents of Oklha are not only battling blazing heat but unscheduled power outages. The situation in the locality has not improved with power cuts turning out to be daily affair, according to residents. Be it Abul Fazal Enclave, Shaheen Bagh or other parts of Okhla, the situation has not …

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Power continues to play truant in Okhla

Power continues to play truant in Okhla. The situation of electricity in Okhla and some parts of Delhi is not so good. In Okhla many residents have expressed their dismay over intermittent outages in their locality on the social media. Residents in Shaheen Bagh, Zakir Nagar and other localities have …

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Okhla powerless in grip of blazing heat

Okhla powerless in grip of blazing heat. Like many Delhi residents, Okhla residents too are battling not only blazing heat but also outages. And as the temperature soars, power cuts torment residents in Okhla. Nakshab Khan wrote in his timeline: “Life has become unbearable at least on Bijli front.” Other …

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Power plays truant in Okhla

Power plays truant in Okhla: As temperature is soaring with peak time yet to come, residents in Okhla are complaining of long-hour power cut. “We fear that this summer things may deteriorate. On Tuesday power cut happened three times in a day for hours. Looking at the condition, we just think …

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