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Tablighi Jamaat ‘members’ clash at Markaz in Nizamuddin

Tablighi Jamaat ‘members’ clashed at Markaz in Nizamuddin, according to sources. Two Tablighi Jamaat groups allegedly clashed during or before tarawih in markaz located in Nizamuddin, according to sources. “It was on the eve of tarawih when two groups clashed inside the mosque. The gates were closed but when opened many people were injured.

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Some four people are in critical conditions and have been rushed to hospitals,” said Maqsood Alam, who was informed about the incident from his friends who had visited the markaz in Nizamuddin to offer tarawih.

The incident was confirmed by a Tablighi Jamaat sympathiser, who said that he too has come to know about such an incident. On the social media photos of the alleged clash have been doing the rounds.

It is understood that fighting allegedly broke out between two groups: Maulana Saad group and Maulana Zubair group.
It is to be pointed out that Maulana Zubair passed away years ago but his groups are backing his son.

The Saad group has got the backing from Tablighi members from Mewat and other places, said reliable sources. After the death of Tablighi Jamaat Ameer Maulana Zubair Ul Hasan a few years ago there is stiff fighting inside the religious group over who should be the next Amir and in Shura formation.

Security has been beefed up in the area to avoid any untoward incidents.

The exact reason behind the clash is yet to be ascertained. But the development has left many in shock.

One FB user wrote: “There is clear report from Moulana Saad from Tablighi Jamaat that there is no link between the clashing mob and Jamaat. It is between two other groups who r not belongs to Tablighi Jamaat…”

It is understood that elderlies have said the clash has nothing to do between Tablighi groups as outsiders were involved. However, like many orgnisations, Tablighi has no record of its members.

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  1. why did happened in markaz nizamuddin


  3. Hakiqat ky bai

  4. Nizamudheen markaz is not name of a place but it is homestead of wholover the Muslim ummath. There is no any discrimination.

    MUSTHAFA P, Mananthavady, kerala

  5. Nizamuddin is not markaz it is the name of shura’s which molana INAMUL HASAN R.H.A has made in 1993

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