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Jamia bows to students’ demand

Jamia Millia Islamia students’ demand to issuing of paper mark sheet has been accepted, according to students who participated in a talk with the Proctor on Monday.

They said: “The Proctor assured the students that the university will continue to issue paper mark sheets to the students. All the pending semester vise marksheets in hard copy will be issued within a month and a half. He assured us verbally in presence of 18 students and refused to give anything in writing,” said a student who was part of the interaction team.

The Proctor has confirmed the development.

Earlier, Dayar-i-Shauq Students Charter (DISSC) released this statement: “…On August 2, 2017 when a group of concerned students approached the office of the controller of examination, demanding timely error free results and a transparent examination system, they were told that paper mark sheets have not just been delayed but will not be issued at all.

“Administration is refusing to issue paper mark sheets except for the students in their final year or final semester. The controller also told the protesting students that the university is digitalising the mark sheets as per MHRD’s directions.

“In October 2016, the MHRD constituted a committee to oversee the implementation of the project named National Academic Depository (NAD). NAD is yet another chapter in the Government’s pet project, Digital India.

“It will act as a national depository to hold academic degrees awarded by educational institutions and to abolish the need for issuing paper mark sheets. Advocates of NAD claim that it will “abolish the difficulties/inefficiencies of collecting, maintaining, and presenting physical paper certificates that can be easily copied/created and the verification processes which are costly, time consuming and disorganised.”

“It turns out that Jamia is among one of the universities where mark sheets are being digitalised.

“If how the policy is being implemented in Jamia is anything to go by, this does not bode well for the students and the education system in the country. Apart from the delay and chaos in the examination system, the hard copies of the mark sheets are being denied to the students while demanding the students to produce their original certificates in every process from admissions, hostel applications, issue of fee slip, applying for scholarships, reevaluation of examination results and so on.

“Students come to study in Jamia from the remotest parts of the country including remote villages of UP, Bihar, North East and Kashmir. As long as job applications, scholarship applications, admissions and other such procedures in any part of the country require the students to produce their original mark sheets, the students cannot be denied mark sheets by the university.

“In the name of efficiency, digitalisation must not be used to further exclude students coming from the remotest parts of the country. Rather it is the needs of the students coming from the most vulnerable and marginalised sections of society that must be placed foremost while making policy decisions in public education.”

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