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Stray dogs charge at children in Okhla; know what happens next

It was a quiet day and a few children were walking towards their home with an elderly a few meters from them. As the children were walking leisurely towards their destination a few dogs started barking at them and rushed at them as if to attack to them, said an eyewitness, adding that for a while it appeared that the dogs would maul the children.

But the children were lucky as it didn’t happen so with an elderly rushing forward booing the five dogs away, said the eyewitness. Not only the children, but other people standing or walking around heaved a sigh of relief as nothing untoward happened to the children.

Just think what would have happened had the elderly not been walking with the children. Cases of dog bites have increased in the locality. Salma said how her six-year-old son was attacked by dogs in Abul Fazal Enclave. “The dog population has increased in the locality as there is no check. I am also worried about the well-being of my children as in the streets he is not safe with stray dogs roaming around in large number,” said Rozy, a stay-at-home mother.

Residents still remember an incident in Ghaffar Manzil when a small boy was killed by dogs. Then many leaders had assured residents to address the dog menace but with months gone nothing has happened, said another resident.

In initial days authorities had rounded up many stray dogs. But with nothing like this happening and dogs roaming free in the locality, residents fear for the well being of their children and themselves.

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