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Stray dog mauls qurbani goat in Okhla; Irshad shares his ordeal

An incident of a stray dog mauling a goat purchased by an Okhla resident for Eid-al Adha 2017 has spoiled his festivity.

Irshad Alam, a resident of Abul Fazal Enclave, told OT.COM that how he was not able to perform qurbani in Delhi this time around.

“It was three days ago I purchased a goat for Rs 10,000 and kept it in my house. Two days ago, my friend had come to visit me and he was finding hard to locate my house. I went out to receive him and when I returned a saw a stray dog mauling my goat that was kept in my house.

“Had I been late by five minutes the dog would have killed the goat. I immediately shooed away the dog as in hurry I had left my gate open. By that time the goat was hurt and was bleeding from the leg. Also, there were dog paw marks on the goat’s neck. It was not able to stand. I took it to a veterinary hospital in Okhla. Despite initial treatment I realised that the animal was in pain.

“I sold it to a local goat shop for Rs 2,000. After that I went to Dhobi Ghat to buy a new goat but was not lucky enough to lay my hands on a good one as the price had gone up. Now, the goats are less and the demand is high. I got qurbani done in my hometown,” said Irshad.

Stray dogs are a menace in Okhla. It was only a few months ago when report had surfaced of pack of stray dogs killing a small children in Noor Nagar.

Moreover, many residents have complained of being bitten by stray dogs.

Despite initial move by agency to catch up the stray dogs from Jamia Nagar, the issue has been well forgotten.

When the killing incident had taken place many local leaders had raised the issue as election was due. It appears that now with the polls over, nobody is talking about the most burning issue of stray dog menace in Jamia Nagar with the poor residents left to fend for themselves.

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