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Story of rickshaw puller’s sprinter son Nisar touted as ‘Usain Bolt’ will move you

Nisar Ahmed is 15-year-old and comes from a very poor family with father pedaling rickshaw and mother earning livelihood by working as help. Despite all odds stack against him, Nisar has achieved something that many have failed even after getting all training.

In a recently held Delhi State Athletics meet, Nisar broke two national records of under-16 100 m and 200 m. Following his unbelievable achievement, some in the media has started calling him Delhi’s Usain Bolt. Also, Nisar won gold in 200m completing the race in 22.08s.

This wonder boy resides in Azadpur’s Bada Bagh slum with his father Mohammad Haq and mother Shafikunisha. The irony was that the proud father and mother missed the medal ceremony due to lack of money. Visiting the place had meant a lot for them: sacrificing a day’s income. Moreover, they were not even present to see their son sprint to gold.

The Indian Express reported that Nisar bettered the under-16 100 m record that was set by M S Arun in 2013 by 0.01s.

“This is where we live and we still harbour the dream of seeing our son make it big in athletics. It’s been over one-and-a-half years since I borrowed Rs 28,000 for my son’s athletics career. It was to buy spikes, sports gear and for his diet. I haven’t been able to repay it. He is very dedicated and hardworking. The amount of effort he puts into everything is something even I can’t do,” said the proud father to the IE.

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