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Many Shaikhs in Okhla who move around as Shubhams to earn livelihood

Many Shaikhs in Okhla who move around as Shubhams to earn livelihood: The story of 21-year-old who has cracked civil services made the news for being forced to change his name to a Hindu surname in order to get accommodation and food in the city without facing any discrimination, but many are not aware of many Shaikhs in Okhla and other parts of the country who give up their identity to earn their livelihood.

OKHLATIMES has come across a few cases where new converts have been found moving around in the city and doing business on their old identity fearing that disclosing new identity would create problem for them and might also ruin their professional career.

A case in point is of a professional who after reverting to Islam joined a Muslim organisation but not satisfied left the job to join a corporate.

From reliable sources it has been learnt that in his new office Shaikh (name changed) works on his old identity of Shubam so as not to invite any trouble.

A resident said once when he met Shaikh in that firm and called him by his name he rushed towards him and requested him to call him by his old name. Shaikh continues to live in Jamia Nagar where he moves around as a Muslim but once in the office he becomes a Hindu.

So is the case of another youth, who too continues to do business on his old name despite reverting to Islam a few years ago.

All told it would be an exaggeration to say that such cases are increasing.

According to a resident Rashad Amin, it is all about personal choice. He pointed out that there are many Muslims who work in corporate sectors and live in Hindu-localities peacefully.

“Many people think that by hiding their identities they can succeed in their career, which certainly is preposterous. The story of Shaikh that I read in newspapers is an aberration. People should not shy from declaring their identities in a tolerant country like us,” said Rashad.

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