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Shaheen Bagh locals volunteer to protect girls from eve-teasers at bank queues

Some Shaheen Bagh residents have come forward to volunteer to protect women from eve-teasers at bank queues, according to sources.

It is understood that in a meeting with local police several burning issues were discussed. Of some important issues the alleged incident of girls being harassed and eve-teased at bank queues in Shaheen Bagh was also discussed, said Maqsood Alam, a Jamia Nagar resident who participated in the meeting.

He alleged that two days ago women, who turned up in large number outside a bank in Shaheen Bagh, had to face hard times with some outsiders eve-teasing them. A girl was seen crying in the queue after she was eve teased, he said.

A few days ago a post-graduate girl student had narrated her ordeal of standing in queues to a portal.

“I stay in Batla House. Four days ago, I was standing in a long queue outside an ATM in my lane, and these random guys started making demeaning comments, so I left. But I had absolutely no money…,” she told

Moreover, Alam said the officers assured some 30 people who were in the meeting that from Monday, policemen deputed at banks will stay outside to make sure that eve-teasing incidents don’t take place and action would be taken against violators.

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