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Shafiqur’s lantern ‘raises’ flicker of hope for undeveloped Okhla’s ward 102S

Shafiqur Rahman is a successful businessman. Despite all comforts of the world at his disposal, Shafiqur is a busy man these days and is working long hours hitting bed late night.

He is moving from door-to-door with his supporters to drum up support for himself as he is RJD candidate from Okhla’s ward number 102S Abul Fazal Enclave.

With just less than seven days left for April 23 MCD elections, he is leaving no stone unturned to woo voters.

When asked what prompted him to take political plunge, he said with a smile that it is the condition of the locality. “The area is in bad shape as you can see there is dust everywhere. Moreover, every year people are dying from water-borne diseases like dengu and chikungunya. I too was victim of the disease. There is dust everywhere that can easily destroy your lungs. My sole purpose to contest in this election is to work hard to improve things,” he said.

A down-to-earth Shafiqur, who hails from Bihar, with his highly-educated supporters is leading from the front.

His supporters at Okhla Head office are hopeful that their star will sale through as people are coming forward to back him.

Shafiqur Rahman
They pointed out that it was only days ago when the Choudhary Youth brigade in a meeting supported him. Also, Jamia alumni are on his side, said one supporter Farhat Pasha, adding that they took out another bike rally in the locality.

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