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19-yr-old Ayyub electrocuted to death while taking ‘selfie’ atop parked train in Nizamuddin

19-yr-old Mohammad Ayyub electrocuted to death while taking selfie atop parked train in Nizamuddin, the media reported on Tuesday.

20170307_133237He was enrolled in Jamia’s distance education course.

The accident took place when Ayyub, a resident of Old Delhi, had come to attend a marriage in Nizamuddin and seeing a train parked there he went up to take a selfie and was electrocuted.

While taking selfie he came in contact with a high tension wire standing above a stationary goods train near Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station.

Delhi was electrocuted to death by a high tension wire on Saturday evening. Mohammed Ayyub Sheikh, 18, had climbed atop a parked train tanker at the Nizamuddin railway lines when his body came in contact with the overhead high tension wire.

“It is a tradition to take food to a newly married sibling and her in-laws after day after her wedding,” Ayyub’s father Jamaluddin said. “After delivering the food, Ayyub went out for evening prayers with his three friends at Chilla Nizamuddin (Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin’s house) behind Humayun’s Tomb,” reported the HT.

“While he was atop the train, he stood up and was pulled by the current,” said Qutub.

Daud, who was subsequently informed, said. “When I reached the spot the ambulance had not come. We took him to the nearby Jeevan hospital on a scooter. He could not make it.”

Disturbed with reports that Ayyub was clicking a selfie, Daud showed Ayyub’s cellphone, an old Samsung Duos phone which does not have an internal camera. Additional DCP Railways Gyan Singh Meena denied Ayyub had died while clicking a selfie. “The boy climbed to check the oil in the tanker.”

On Monday afternoon, police handed him his son’s belongings — a Rs 10 note, a small scarf Ayyub’s sister had gifted him the day before and an old Samsung phone with its sides burnt by the high voltage current that killed him, reported HT.

‘I took a photo with him’

“I was wearing Ayyub’s shirt that day. Despite the traffic police watching us, I stopped the scooter at India Gate and asked a local to take our photograph. We hurriedly left. Two hours later, I got the call that he had died,” Daud told HT showing the photograph.

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