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Dr Qasmi throws light on almost all valuable aspects of Seerat

A presentation programme on seerat of the Prophet (PBUH) was held in Riyadh, in which Dr Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi, an author of several books said: “The Prophet (PBUH) is an ideal for the entire human kind. We need to follow his Sunnah in our day to day life. Allah the Exalted has kept all the Sunnah of His beloved Prophet alive. They are being practiced either by a mass on mass level or by individuals on individual level.”

Dr Najeeb Qasmi in his presentation threw light on almost all the valuable aspects of the Seerat and presented it in a way that all people can easily get benefit from it.

It contains brief historical events that took place during the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and emphasised on lessons we need to learn from those events.

Dr Qasmi also said through this presentation that the entire life of the Prophet (PBUH) teaches Muslims to be patient and face all the challenges (which are coming in their ways on both the national and international levels) with wisdom and maturity.

Muslims need to strengthen their relationship with Allah. At the end Dr Qasmi emphasised on the need for reading Seerat of the Prophet (PBUH) and training our children accordingly.

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