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We are very scared after this incident: Woman resident

A housewife based in Okhla has written this letter to OKHLATIMES.COM. The reader wrote: “I live in Abul Fazal Enclave….

“Today we found out that lock of my neighbour’s flat was damaged. Someone tried to open it as they were not at home for a few days. We were shocked to find out this. Luckily the main door lock got stuck and they couldn’t open the door.

“My neighbor is not there the home for past one week. On that day I and my husband went out to buy something around 10. We were back within 20 minutes and when we were climbing the stairs we saw two young men hurrying down the stairs quickly.

“They were in such rush that one of them pushed my husband too who was carrying our baby. My husband shouted at him too but he dint reply so we came back. That day we didn’t notice. But today when we saw the lock we were shocked. And those two men were probably the suspected burglars as nobody in the building confirmed that two young men visited their home that day.

“We live in top floor and very scared due to this incident.”

OKHLATIMES.COM reports that incidents of theft, violent fights between two groups, beating up opponents, silencing critics and eve-teasing cases have increased in the locality of late, claimed activists on the condition of anonymity.

Many residents are worried with theft cases that are taking place even in daylight. Moreover, the portal a few days ago had reported that how robbers are targeting shops and houses during Friday prayer when people are not at home.

A Zakir Nagar resident said how robbers are stealing car batteries during Friday prayer. Another Zakir Nagar resident Faraz Khan told OKHLATIMES.COM that his friend’s bike was stolen from Zakir Nagar only a few days ago.

Worst of all eve-teasing cases are also increasing in the locality with some girls lamenting that they don’t feel comfortable from the prying eyes of stalkers. A few days ago only a girl was eve-teased and when she resisted, her mother was allegedly beaten up and she was also threatened to be ‘raped’.

Activists lamented that the situation is such that people and activists are now under great pressure not to raise voices against criminals who they alleged have got patronage.

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