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Saturday blues for Okhla residents

Rozy Bano got up early morning to make sure not to miss chance in withdrawing cash that he has been trying for a few days.

She was not the only one in Abul Fazal Enclave or Okhla to do so. Hundreds of thousands of residents got up with the hope to withdraw cash knowing well that the banks would be closed for three days.

Due to holiday banks are to open on Tuesday. Though residents were were aware of the fact that ATMs would be replenished many didn’t take chance in being the last to take out money fearing that things might deteriorate on Sunday and Monday.

Since morning crowd outside ATMs in AFE swelled with both men and women standing in lines for hours waiting for their turn. “It was only after reading in the paper that banks would be closed, I rushed to local ATMs to see whether they were not dry. To my surprise, two nearby ATMs were replenished this morning and hence people turned up in large number. The first half of Saturday has been wasted in just taking out a small amount,” said Shafique, an AFE resident.

In several places in Okhla, people are seen in queues even at night time when the rest of the locality is sleeping.

I got a call late night from my friend who said a local ATM at Okhla Head is dispensing cash and as he and his wife have withdrawn cash he wanted him also to rush and take out money, said a resident. Several residents are doing the rounds at night in the hope to locate replenished ATMs with a few people. A resident Owais said he went to Nehru Place at 1am to take out cash from a ATM there. He said he returned home after taking out cash at 2 am but was satisfied that he laid his hands on the money.

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