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Sarfaraz from RSS-backed school tops Assam Class 10 exams; won Gita recitation contest

The report of a Muslim boy, who studied in a RSS-backed school in Assam, topping Class 10 exams in Assam is talk of the town in far away Delhi.

sarfaraz hussain of assam top exams
Sarfaraz the topper
Sarfaraz Hussain topped the State board’s Class 10 exam with 590 marks out of a maximum 600, the results of which were declared on Tuesday, according to Hindustan Times. As the report broke, the link has been shared by many in Okhla.

16-year-old Sarfaraz studied in a school run by an affiliate of Vidya Bharati, the RSS’s education wing.

Besides, Sarfaraz, the school at Betkuchi on the outskirts of Guwahati has 24 Muslim students and they have won prizes for reciting the Bhagwad Gita.

“They have never complained about what we teach because our emphasis is on academic excellence apart from giving the students a grip on Indian culture and values,” Akshaya Kalita, the school’s headmaster, told HT.

“We did not make them feel different, and as a rule, they have lunch with all the other students and teachers after a bhojan mantra (prayer before meal),” he said.

Ajmal Hussain, Sarfaraz’s father, said he let his son study in the school because it provided free education. “It would have otherwise been difficult to sustain his studies with my meagre income as a waiter in a small restaurant,” he said.

“The school shaped my life, and I hope to achieve greater academic glory as my teachers expect,” Sarfaraz said, wishing he could repay his alma mater some day, reported Hindustan Times.

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