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Roshandaan lends a helping hand to Bihar flood victims

Roshandaan has launched an emergency request to help thousands hit by the floods in Bihar.

The excess rainfall in the monsoon season has caused a sense of deep depression among those, the flood affected and also those safe for now, said the organiser.

“The flood has created a sense of battling among people, to strive for rescue, and to fight against the wrecks. 2017 Bihar Flood can be considered one of the devastating flood as it has killed over 514 people, leaving around 17 million people affected, either directly or indirectly. Life has played a cruel joke on these poor people. Most of the affected people are daily-wage labourer who might make 100 rupees’ tops, a day. Hunger, Debt, and Floodwater have been on the raise from August 2017.”

Roshandaan is preparing to provide the much-needed relief supply and support to the affected areas.

“Much like anything else, this relief support also cannot be done just by the members of Roshandaan. So far, Roshandaan has managed to collect around clothes to suit 2000 people and Rs 50, 000 as cash.

The raised fund will be divided among the relief package which includes Drinking Water, Dry Rations, Sanitary Items, Medicine, New Clothes, And Petty Cash for the family. Although, the support is pouring from various places like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Pune, Noida, and many more., the relief fund collected so far, is from the Roshandaan members’ own pockets and now, would like to take it to the public for their contribution. Right now, cash is king. Although the material goods are so helpful, nothing beats the cold, hard cash. Cash helps the affected people get back on their feet, and provide themselves with essential goods,” said the group.


A team comprising four members of Roshandaan will visit the flood affected areas of Bihar and will supply the relief materials. These members will reach that non-reachable boundary of the flood affected areas and handover the relief supplies.

“We respect donor intent and guarantee that all donations raised for Bihar Flood relief efforts will enable Roshandaan to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from this devastating disaster,” it said.

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Contact No: +91 9910983180

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