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Enjoy Rohu fish fry in easy, quick way (video)

Do you know how to prepare mouth watering Rohu fish fry? If you don’t know worry not. You can easily find innumerable videos on YouTube giving tips how to cook Rohu fish fry delicacy very popular in Bihar and West Bengal.

Of them Shaila’s Dastarkhwan channel on YouTube being run by Johri Farm-based housewife has emerged as a popular destination for food buffs in a short period of time.

An OT.COM report (Adventure of flavours and tastes: Meet Johri Farm-based budding YouTuber Shaila on her food channel on July 12 solicited responses from food connoisseurs.

“I watch Shaila’s Dastarkhwan on YouTube. She has a variety of recipes for vegetarian and non vegetarian people. Her videos have English subtitles for non Hindi viewers. Simply explained recipes are very easy to prepare. Last Sunday I prepared a mutton dish watching her video,” wrote OT.COM reader BS Rautela.

With little experience in video editing, Shaila edits and uploads videos of her easy to make, homemade meals on her YouTube channel regularly.

In a little over a month, Shaila not only single handedly started her channel but also learnt the various other important aspects of making YouTube videos, editing being the most crucial one.

Shaila’s kitchen is a work in progress and a journey of adventure, moving on to ever newer recipes, flavours and tastes. Keep attuned and enjoy the journey.


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