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Two shops burgled, including dispensary, during Friday prayer in Okhla

Robbers are targeting shops and houses in Jamia Nagar at will and even in daytime. The case in point is two robberies taking place during Friday prayer in the locality, according to residents. Dr Saidul Hassan Siddiqui told OKHLATIMES.COM that how his dispensary was targeted when he had gone to offer Friday prayer.

“I locked my gate and went to offer namaz and got out at about 1:35 pm. After I came back I saw the gate open. I saw the lock broken and cash was missing. I asked residents whether they saw anybody around. I got no answer. It appears that somebody was keeping an eye on my movement,” said Dr Siddiqui, BIMS from Jamia Hamdard, who dispensary is located in Abul Fazal Enclave.

He was not the only target on Friday. He said when I shared this information with my patients then I came to know that on that another shop was burgled in Zakir Nagar during the same time. He said theft cases have gone and up and residents are having hard times.

Many residents still recall a late-night theft incidents in Jamia Nagar in which several shops were burgled. Some residents claimed that robbers had targeted shops from Batla House to AFE to Shaheen Bagh on one night.

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