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Road rage: Know what happened at Okhla Head

Even a minor accident can up your temper and this is what happened at Okhla Head today in the afternoon when a cycle collided with a bike. Though no causality took place but the even triggered a brawl between two people with the biker insisting money from the cyclist, a poor man, said sources.

Eyewitnesses said within minutes of the minor accident, several residents gathered on the many trying to resolve the issue and urging the bikers just to forget and forgive. But the residents’ request fall on bikers’ deaf ears, who insisted on compensation, said eyewitnesses.

The cyclist, a poor man, said he had nothing with me save passbook, said eyewitnesses, adding that later on things were sorted out but the bikers only left the spot after taking the cyclist’s passbook. The incident shocked several passersby and other residents who claimed that there was no need for losing temper as it was a minor incident.

This is not a first incident in the locality. A few days ago as OKHLATIMES.COM had reported that how in a road rage incident, a woman had slapped a car driver. Residents lamented about increase in rash driving incidents in the locality. A few months ago, a woman pedestrian, who was hit by a rogue biker, had died on the spot.

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