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Road rage incident occurs in Batla House

Fighting broke out in Batla House during Isha azaan today, according to eyewitness over a minor issue with a pedestrian thrashing a biker as two of them lost temper.

It all started with a pedestrian hitting the biker for pestering him, said the source, adding that many residents who rushed to end the fight were too stumped over the issue as some said the pedestrian lost his temper when the biker sought side from him and many were not sure what triggered the minor fight.

However, it was resolved with several residents rushing to the site, just close by Batla House School.

A resident said as the road was overcrowded and some people, including the other guy were walking on road as it is something usual in the locality with the road being overcrowded, the biker was just trying to get a pass or in a rush to reach early must have even touched the other guy.

Nobody was hurt in the fight.

Many residents were of the opinion that it could have been avoided. Initially it all started with heated verbal arguments from both the sides.

And as the biker got out of the bike and a scuffle broke out with the pedestrian really hitting the biker hard on his head who was wearing helmet.

What left many residents shocked that though the crowd gathered fast on the spot of them only a few had the courage to get things resolved.

Batla House is a Muslim locality and incidents do happen from time to time with people losing patient on the congested road.

Road rage incidents are on the rise in the locality with e-rickshaw mushrooming and traffic jam becoming the norm.

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