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Rare snake rescued in Okhla near Jamia

Usually after seeing a snake people get scared. However, on Thursday when a passerby spotted a snake near Jamia Millia Islamia, Rohit Kumar informed the NGO following which the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit (24-hour helpline 9871963535) landed in the locality, rescuing the kukri snake.

Since then the snake has been kept under observation to be released soon into its natural habitat, reported The Hindu.

“The snake is named after its sharp, curved teeth that resemble a ‘kukri knife’. The species preys on insects, larvae, reptile eggs, small rodents and skinks. Our team works round-the-clock to rescue and relocate these misunderstood reptiles and make it possible for them to co-exist in urban areas,” said Geeta Seshamani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS.

Rohit Kumar, who called the NGO, said: “We come across a lot of snakes in the neighbourhood during this season. Thankfully, I came across the helpline number of Wildlife SOS online and immediately got in touch with its rescue team.”

Many residents who came to know about it were left stumped. However, they pointed out that as monsoon reaches such reptiles are seen in the locality. Yamuna is located nearby and despite fast urbanisation with flats coming up in the locality there are still many forest area in Okhla where these animals live and at times come out, said residents.

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