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This Ramzan, let us serve you! Jamia students’ initiative to educate deprived children

Jamia Millia Islamia has a tradition to help the needy. Its old tradition is being carried ahead by a few Jamia students, who are helping the deprived children of Okhla. And to achieve their goal they have come up with an innovative idea this Ramzan.


“This Ramzan, let us serve you! Worried about preparing Iftaar this Ramzan? Leave it to us. This Ramzan Zahra would prepare delicious, healthy, and hygienic and home cooked Iftar for you and would deliver it to you at the comfort of your home at competitive price. And the money that is saved from it will go to funding of studies of a few deprived children of Okhla. For years we have been helping them and this Ramzan we thought to come up with this idea,” said Mohammad Saif and Javed, both students of Jamia.


The students told OT.COM: “Other students are also with us. We all know that the best form of helping someone is to educate them. We are very optimistic about our purpose that if we successfully educate even one person, we would somehow manage to transform his/her coming generation in a positive way.

“We have been providing free tuitions to almost twenty kids who cannot afford to pay for tutors, for the last three years on a regular basis. We have also provided tuitions to twenty other kids, but not as regular as the initial twenty kids, because of lack of time and resources, which makes it 40 kids in total.”

Initially Javed started this alone, four years ago, while he was in class 12th and then (Mohammad Saif) met him in college in first year.

For the last three years, they have been working on these kids regularly and in the last 6 months some more friends (Shaghil Iqbal, Fahad Masood Farooqui, Saiyyed Baquar, Qasim Khan and Mudassir Nazar) have helped them provide tuitions to them for free on a daily basis.

The task was not easy. “I remember our initial day. Without going much into the details I want to share what these kids used to be then. Obviously thier language and behaviour were not up to the mark, of course, because of lack of any moral or behavioural guidance. However, over a period of time things got well,” said Javed.

To keep students motivated, they have been organising various competitions at least twice a month. Also, prizes are distributed among the winners.

“To help these students we came up with this beautiful initiative which we named Zahra, meaning beautiful! We, at Zahra, aim to help those in need, be it in any sphere of life,” he said.


Fruits(9 types)
Pakode(3 types with two types of Chutny)
Chane or Chole
Sweets or Pudding
Green Salad
P.S-Shakes,Fruit Juices and Zamzam water on demand.

ZAHRA IFTAAR’S Introductory offers

Zahra Iftar Prices: Introductory offer (Iftar for two people per serving)=160 rupees.
Original Price=180 Rupees.
Introductory offer (for one person)=100 Rupees.
Original Price=110 Rupees.
To place your orders contact- Mohammad Saif-8742948583; Javed-9540599848
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