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Rain brings respite but water woes in Okhla (video)

Rain brings respite but water woes in Okhla (video). Morning shower brings respite from sweltering heat. Residents heaved a sigh of relief as it started raining a few minutes ago.

But at the same time many lamented that their streets got inundated with water. Worst of all the slit that was cleaned a few days ago was seen getting back into the nallah as the area was full water.

For many children it was an opportunity for playing and enjoying the rain. However, for many residents rain means worry with water woes increasing. “Water is everywhere and this only shows that how bad is the sewage system in the locality. A shower and Okhla gets over flooded. Just think it will take hours for the water to recede. But that time one has to stay put in his or her house. We cannot go out because of the water logging everywhere,” said Noushu Ali.

This is not something that is happening for the first time. For years residents have been battling poor sewage, infrastructure and poor power supply in the locality.

There appears to be no solution to the most waxing problem in the locality, complained many residents. They hope that things might improve as municipal corporation elections is coming nearer.

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