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Quora question: How can I start playing badminton at Sports Complex of Jamia as a student? Answers must read

Quora is a popular platform where people asks questions and get answers. After a Jamia Millia Islamia student asked this question: How can I start playing badminton at Sports Complex of Jamia as a student? He got several answers and here they are.

The question: I’m a first yr student at JMI and want to play badminton and not just for fun but to actually practice and play it. I’m not sure whether there are coaches who train or not. But I would like to play and get better at it and take part in competitions. Is it allowed in Jamia?

Following which Ishita Tripathi, Studying Computer Engineering at Jamia Millia Islamia wrote:

“Well to even enter the sports complex, you will need your ID card. If you have not been issued that yet, bring your fee slip.

“Then you need a tshirt (no collar) and trousers (not jeans) and proper badminton shoes. Also arrange your own racket and shuttle. There used to be a system to borrow equipment in the court itself but that has now stopped.

“I have seen no formal coach or other faculty present in the court whenever I played this semester. Except sometimes when they come in to check if you’re wearing the shoes or not.

“Like Pulkit Kumar Chauhan said, there is also a timing issue, especially on Fridays. Please confirm court timings specifically before you go.

“I have always found people to play with (even when I went this December) and they are awesome if you’re not too shy to ask them to play. I really don’t know anything about the college team or how to join it, but the inter department trials will happen sometime next semester so you can try there.

Have fun playing!”

Pulkit Kumar Chauhan, M.B.A Master of Business Administration & International Business, Jamia Millia Islamia (2017), wrote: “Firstly, making it to JMI team is a huge improbable task for you, as team selection is done through the Sports Quota students, though you can give 101% in Inter Dept, Intra Dept, or selection camp to get noticed and maybe you move up the ladder.

“Remember two things: There are timing issue in Sports Complex, you have to go at specific time when normal students are allowed & no practice session in underway, their is a high possibility of it being clashed with classes. You have to be in proper dress and shoes to enter the court, along your own badminton and shuttles, otherwise you would have to get them issued. And no coaches, coaches are provided only when AIU or any important tournament is on head. Some permanent staff is there but I don’t think they would indulge, but you can try. Don’t forget to carry ID.

“Source : Current JMI Badminton team Captain is my friend and classmate.”

Zaid Bin Nafees, studied at Jamia Millia Islamia, wrote: “Jamia annually holds selection camp for almost every sport to play in national level inter-university games representing the university. please contact Pataudi Stadium reception desk for more information. Apart from inter university, inter-departmental and inter-faculty sports are also played annually.

Shiba Chaudhary, studied at Jamia Millia Islamia, wrote: “If you are jamian then ofcourse it is allowed. You just go to sports complex, show them ID card and they ‘ll permit you to enter.

There you can meet coaches and players too. I am sure you ‘ll get coach for badminton too.

Go and enjoy!! Gudd luck.”

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