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Queues at banks, ATMS yet to peter out in Okhla even after 2 weeks

In the heydays of post-demonisation long queues were seen outside banks and ATMS across the country, including Okhla. Then many had said that things would settle down with the passage to time.

However, even after more than two weeks, queues are yet to peter out in Okhla, a deprived locality.

On Tuesday several people were seen standing outside banks and ATMS to get money exchanged, withdraw or deposit, said residents.

According to eyewitnesses, across the locality people could be seen standing outside banks and ATMS for hours to get cash. Some residents said they got up early and rushed to nearby banks so as to avoid rush and be first to get cash transferred or take out currency.

A resident said he got up early morning and turned up at a bank at 7 pm in hope to be first. However, he had to wait for hours for to lay his hands over cash. The biggest problem that resident faced was dry ATMS in some locality.

“It is not coming to an end. ATMs are not being filled at regular interval leading to hardship for residents. And whenever they are filled a huge crowd turns up from nowhere. The money is taken out fast and the ATMs get dried up,” a resident was heard talking with his colleagues in a queue outside an ATM in Okhla.

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