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Jamia Nagar landlord becomes victim of ‘qabza gang’, narrates his ordeal

A Jamia Nagar resident has claimed that he has been victimised by qabza gang a claim thatOKHLATIMES.COMwas unable to verify independently. However, as the issue is a burning one the portal decided to carry the edited version of the claim made by the resident, who requested anonymity.

He wrote: “I am a resident of … and I want narrate the story of my tenant, who not only harassed me but also victimised me. My tenant after a month stopped paying me rent. When asked, he said he would pay in installment of Rs 500 per day. As he was financially weak, I acceded to his demand. After a few days he even stopped paying in installments and it continued for eight months.

“One fine day I asked him to vacate my house. He promised to get things resolved. But I found that he kept on coming up with new stories for not paying the rent to buy time. One fine day he was out with his family. I put another lock on the gate. When he came back and saw the lock he started shouting and a ruckus took place over unpaid rent. He hurt himself and then alleged that I beat him up. The issue went out of hand and he claimed Rs 5 lakh from me to resolve the crisis and withdraw allegations.

“I came under pressure and now with very little option, to get out of the mess I have to pay the amount to him. So I would request all the landlords of … that if there is any issue with the tenants immediately contact officials without showing any mercy to them.”

Some residents lamented that this case is not an isolated one. Several residents still remember how a people movement headed by a local leader had helped in getting a house vacated occupied by qabza gang in Shaheen Bagh.

Sources said the gang doesn’t operate in isolation and have backing from strong people of the locality as the business fetches huge money.

The modus operandi usually is that the tenant is well civilized for a few months and extremely religious to win landlord’s trust, according to a resident who succeeded in getting his house vacated from one such gang after great effort.

As they operate in groups, they take instructions and all depends how powerful the landlord is, said the resident, adding that of late several cases have surfaced in which flats owned by people from Bihar have been illegally occupied and then a deal is sealed to get it vacated.

He said earlier incidents of land grabbing were high.

However,OKHLATIMES.COMwas unable to verify these claims independently.

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