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PWD deploys 825 pumps, 1078 workmen to deal waterlogging problems: Have you seen any in Okhla?

PWD deploys 825 pumps, 1078 workmen to deal waterlogging problems: Have you seen any in Okhla?

After Delhi witnessed a heavy downpour of 63 mm rainfall in a span of merely three hours only from 8.30 AM till 11:30 AM on Wednesday, out of which 53 mm rainfall was there within first two hours of the span as per the Metrological Department, Government of India.

It is an unusual high figure in just two hours and the intensity of rainfall was highest in Delhi as recorded at the Safdarjung Station.

PWD, Government of Delhi had made all arrangements to cater to any exigencies resulting out of it. Okhla too was hit hard and even 24 hours after the rain roads continue to be waterlogged that could be easily turned into breeding ground for mosquitoes in the locality where several deaths have been reported due to dengu.

The PWD teams were active right from the morning and started attending to water logging complaints timely so as to cause minimum inconvenience to the commuters during morning peak hours of traffic.

As a part of preparedness, PWD deployed in all 296 portable pumps besides the permanent installation of 529 pumps along with 1078 workmen, and 178 fully equipped maintenance vans with the required material / tools & plants at the strategic locations all over Delhi to deal with the situation.

In PWD Control Room, total 230 complaints were received today, all of which were attended by the fully mobilised PWD team. But due to heavy intensity of rainfall, at some locations, it took 30-45 minutes to clear the water logging.

It was again observed that problem of water logging at many locations occurred again due to flow of silt / sludge from MCD drains upstream of PWD drains which is contrary to the claims made by all the 3 municipal corporations about desilting of their drains. The lot of silt flowing from MCD drains into the PWD drains resulted in the lowering the capacity of PWD drains.

At some places, the DJB sewer manholes started boiling resulting in water logging on PWD roads. This situation was also controlled by PWD in coordination with DJB.

The downpour triggered traffic snarls at various intersections and roads primarily due to
1. Taking shelters by drivers of two wheelers and other NMVs under the flyovers.
2. Traffic signals running out of order.
3. Breakdown of DTC buses at some locations etc.
Water-logging was mainly observed at the following perennial locations:
1. At RUB, Pul Prahaladpur due to overflowing sewerage manhole of DJB. PWD deployed total 5 nos. pumps with total of 300 HP capacity to drain out the rain water.
2. At Near Vayusenabad due to heavy discharge of storm water from sangam vihar unauthorized colony which is situated at high level and do not have any storm water drainage system, PWD deployed 2 nos. temporary pumps in addition to permanent pumps deployed there. Additional pipe lines have been laid to drain off the storm water through Vayusenabad Airforce Station Area.
3. Near AIIMS on Ring Road due to drainage system damaged by NBCC. Here also additional pumps were deployed by PWD to restore it to normal position and giving relief to public.
4. Opposite WHO building on Ring Road due to overflowing DJB sewerage manhole which was also controlled by deploying additional pumps. But due to non operation of pumps timely by South DMC at the downstream pump house, the ring road there was fully flooded causing heavy traffic jams in the area.
5. At Amrit Vihar, Burari area, flooding occurred due to low lying area and PWD cleared all the water logging by deploying pumps of adequate capacity.
6. At Narela Bawana Road near CRPF camp, due to construction of parallel road by DDA at a higher level than PWD road. Here also, continuous temporary pumping was resorted to by PWD.
7. Around Zakhira flyover due to massive overflow of rain water from Railway land which too was cleared by PWD by deploying temporary pumps and adequate man power.
Wherever water logging was observed at other locations in the city too, the same was cleared in a maximum span of 15-30 minutes by deploying adequate resources by PWD.
In brief, PWD of Delhi worked in a fully alert mode during the massive rainfall today, the intensity of which was a record for Delhi to give relief to Delhi commuters.

PWD deploys 825 pumps, 1078 workmen to deal waterlogging problems: Have you seen any in Okhla?

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