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Protest in Jamia: Hijab-wearing girl leads from front

Protest in Jamia Millia Islamia: Hijab-wearing girl leads from front.

It was at about 1 pm when students gathered at union building to protest against formation of university controlled students council. The call for this meet was given a few days ago when a meeting called by the officials between some students and university top officials didn’t go down well.

Sources said many students present in the meet walked out of the engineering faculty auditorium when they were informed about the “administration controlled students council”. Till the filing of the report, sources said some students are marching towards VC office to submit memorandum demanding union election on the campus.

It is important to point out that since 2006, the university has not organised union elections. Since then students have been protesting for union elections but with little positive development.

A protesting student on the condition of anonymity said the students’ council is not the solution as the university is ignoring some 17,000 students. Students have been adamant to oppose the students’ council whose campaigning date too has been announced by the authority from a few days from today.

The students’ call for union election is being talked among alumni also, who strongly feel that elections should be held. Earlier while reacting to a FB live post of student leader Meeran Hiader, alumnus Syed Mohd Kazim: “Election of Students’ Union in the Central University is the democratic right of the students. I wonder why is Jamia authority not permitting it since 1997 when last complete election was held in democratic way?”

In such a background it would be interesting to see whether the university administration go ahead with students’ council process or succumb to students’ demand of holding union election through ballot. If this happens it would be victory for students’ protests who for years have been protesting peacefully on the campus.

Officials’ version on the development could not be ascertained.

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