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How is Prof Akhtarul Wasey now? OT brings you latest update from Apollo Hospital

It was on Tuesday when reports surfaced on the social media about poor health of Professor Akhtarul Wasey, formerly Head of Department of Islamic Studies. Since then message in his support poured in on the social media with his admirers spread across the world and India praying of his quick recovery.

One his admirers from Boston wrote to OT.COM about Professor Wasey’s recent visit to the US and a write-up produced in a local there. On Wednesday, OT.COM spoke to Wasey’s family member to know about his well being.

Renowned Islamic Scholar, currently he is president, Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur.

“He is normal and walking and interacting with family members in the Apollo Hospital where he was admitted after suffering brain stroke. It was a week ago when he came from Jodhpur that he visited a doctor who suggested him brain scanning in which internal bleeding was found. Following which doctors suggested him bed rest for a week. And it was only when his conditions deteriorated that he was rushed to Apollo Hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

“Doctors will take him for operation at about 2 pm today so that the internal bleeding is managed. Doctors told us that they would operate so that internal bleeding is stopped before it clouts in the brain complicating the issue further,” Professor Wasey’s nephew Hammad Aziz told OT.COM from the hospital.

Professor Wasey’s son Kamran said the operation was successful and he will be kept in ICU today and doctors are satisfied with his recovery.

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